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K.S. Chitra

27 Jul 1963 (Age 52)


K. S. Chithra,(കെ.എസ്‌.ചിത്ര:malayalam) credited as Chitra, is a six time National film awards winning singer who has made her mark in the Indian (film)...
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  • poojitha 2 months ago

    simply super

  • Amani 4 months ago

    Amma... there no words to praise, you are the amma, because there is no holy word more than the "amma". you are the legend, i want to see you directly just once in my life, it's enough for. i love you amma.

  • Govardhan Reddy a year ago

    Amma.. i want to see your face always with smile.. your are my Amma... i want to be your son. i pray to god make me your (chitra's) son at least for Birth (Maro Janma...).. I love you Mummy... .

  • Govardhan Reddy a year ago

    Amma... u have a sweetest voice.. you can sing any song easily... . your are the best singer more than Suseela and Janaki ... .your voice is very sweetest... there is no new word to explain it .

  • Guest a year ago

    Amma..... This is your kid who loves you a lot.... and i am from Hyderabad (Telugu) who watches The program called SWARABHISHEKAM (IN TELUGU 2013- to till date). I love your songs and your smile which makes much respect on you, humble and traditional. And you are the ICON of Music and no new words to say about you. You are my Amma .. if i get boon from god i will pray to god make me her (K S Chitra's) son. But it will not be happened.. .. if i have the next Birth(Maro Janma.) god will make it. In-fact you would had the AN OTHER NATIONAL AWARD FOR " VENUVY VACHCHANU " (MATHRU DEVO BHAVA (TELUGU FILM)) But due to bad politics you did not...your way of approaching is amazing with people with smile and honest, respect and down to earth. Amazing..... And one thing i am curious to meet you, At least once in my life.. Will it possible for me. .. If you see this comment . i will become a luckiest person..... But it's dream.. And i pray to god for long life.... have a pleasant life. with your lovable SON(Govardhan)... with love.. i miss u a lot .. Amma...

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