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  • lucija 4 years ago

    Love him the most, wish I can just see him in real life and hear his voice. Greatings from Croatia.

  • ellen 6 years ago

    hes really funny and cute cant wait to see what films he does next ! jean girls are always obsessed over acters like robert pattison or the jonas brothers.sooner or later they will all move on to the next hot star

  • jean-grayson 6 years ago

    Yeh he's a pretty good actor but what I don't get is why girls are so obsessed over him. I mean everyone is saying "oh I love Logan lerman so much!" but u barely know him! No offense to anyone or Logan but it's just kind of pathetic

  • just-a-fan 6 years ago

    He sounds like a really fun guy to hang out with. Hes humble and I think he's a great actor. And let's face it America......he's gorgeous. =]

  • mandynha 6 years ago

    HE IS SO BEUTIFUL!!!!! I love him!

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