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  • yuya1047 6 years ago

    I would like to help change the bad image some people have formed of Mel Gibson because of what is going on in his life right now. I believe he needs true friends/fan, people who are there to encourage him, people who know the meaning of compassion. The man behind "The Passion of the Christ" has since then been attacked by the devil...getting to him, and then to his marriage, and discrediting him. This whole sad story sounds like the work of the devil..If you believe that God exists, you must also know satan also exists, and he is sure doing a number on Mel Gibson, and he probably does not know it. We should be praying for him, sending him encouraging mail, and not joining in with those who are attacking him while he is on the ground...Where is our humanity and our sense of charity? Michael Jackson died because no one cared for the man, I don't want the same to happen to Mel Gibson...He did a great and courageous thing for Jesus...WE should be no less courageous to stand up for him in his time of distress.

  • kc 6 years ago

    Mel Gibson...I was excited about his upcoming new film. A chance to leave a new impression or at least leave the bad one of 4 years ago in the dust. Four years ago was just yesterday because Mel dropped off the face of the Earth except for his affair. I won't see his movie after today's comment about the news reporter. The question was fair to ask and wasn't asked with a smirk or nasty tone. Mel, 4 years ago is not a long time when you haven't done anything inbetween that was positive/memorable enough to leave the horrible mess you made in the past behind. Your facial tones and expressions, as well as words, were ridicuous. You just shot yourself in the foot again! You looked like an idiot! You should have graciously said, "Yes, I hope this film leaves a new impression of me" You are childish and rude and I am so disappointed....bad timing for your movie. Were you drinking again because your facial actions sure looked as though you were.

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