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  • saikiran 2 years ago

    hi mam this is saikiran..i have a story wchich can be directed in two ways..by changing the cast the theme of the story will be changed..and the budget will be very low also..just 6 characters and two stories in a single story..u can cll me on 9703079782

  • bhaskar 3 years ago

    mam u r superb director

  • meenakshi 3 years ago

    i have stories and songs if you are interested can call me contact no.9908756644

  • nitin 4 years ago

    number second half me dera hu 9640464405,i swear dat i defnitely give a good film to tollywood and good profits to producer,by creating hipes for my movies

  • nitin 4 years ago

    hai medam aaj se aapko roj msgs aayege,aap check kerthe ya nai karthe wo nai malum.medam bachpan se direction direction bolke baita hu,ab muje film ke vaja aur kuch bhi nai malum,aapse kaam sikhna chara hu?????????plz medam director avakapothe na gl frnd nanu peli kuda cheskodu,aina dani kosam kadu medam industry kosam aina nanu director avali,nanu assistant ge petkune adristam mekunte fhat mani e number ki oka cal kotandi................tollywood ni TOLLYGOLD chedam,khudafis,dis is nitin signing offffffffffffffff?????????

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