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  • Ashok Naik 2 months ago

    Ree director/producer, The movie title(badshah) is written wrongly In Kannada. Last letter is wrong. If u hav concern on Kannada change it. Or call me @9620899932 to correct it.

  • ps raaj a year ago

    sir , brahma movie is really good with a message . but in the climax scene reporters were wearing id cards with mphasis companies thread.

  • nuthan 2 years ago

    Hai... sir, im big fan of PREM sir,,, i saw ur CHARMINAR movie 6 times in theater... all the best for ur next movie sir...

  • murali 2 years ago


  • murali 2 years ago

    ur movie charminer movie is very nice. all the best for ur future movie. its ur well wisher cum friend. murali. u spend more of ur liser time with me before ur movie tajmahal

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