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R.K. Selvamani is a well known Tamil director. He is known to make many movies of the police or whodunit genre. Career R.K. Selvamani made his debut with the thriller Pulan...
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  • ram-kopalle 2 years ago

    Dear R.K.Selvamani sir, Iam Ram Kopalle from Hyderabad, AP. Basically, Iam a software professional. Out of ut-most interest in script writing for feature films. I wrote two Crime Investigation Stories. The investigation in my stories involve many medical miracles that are not aware to many people. If given chance I would like to share my stories with you sir. Thanks in advance. Ram Kopalle Hyderabad, A.P

  • junaith 5 years ago

    hi sirrrrrrrrrr

  • junaith-ali 6 years ago

    pls release ur movie pulan visaranai 2

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