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  • manal 2 years ago

    sameer you r so sweet , i admire y alot but i realy want to sea y in a very powerful rule as they say the rule of your life - and i think it will be in T.V so find the good script an go hit the sky - because you have all assets not only th handsome face believe me

  • anjana-roy 3 years ago

    Sameer, I have recently seen you on the screen. You are the most handsome person in this world.Please, don't play a negative role. That will never suit you. You really look like an angel and probably most good looking person I have seen in my life. Anjana Boston, MA

  • nishi 5 years ago

    i feel u r the sexiest king.i want 2 meet u as a king keep it up. God bless u.

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