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The Expendables 2

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Release Date

2012 (India)
24 Aug 2012 (WorldWide)


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
  • ashok 4 years ago

    jason you are the next rambo. you need to continue the series. ? ??

  • goyal-sarriens 4 years ago

    sylvester stallone is the most beeloved actor after arnold

  • udhaya 4 years ago

    Jason statham is a great acter he is a very speed man

  • iary-novess-california 4 years ago

    This Type of Multi Star action rave requires Totally Suitable Strong SCRIPT. All Should be apart with unique and equal Character Roles. A Script with Equal importance to Every Leading Character.

  • trish 4 years ago

    arni is too old now to do what jason does the man is perfection on legs ..... arni had his time in the 80's - 90's when he was in his prime

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