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M. Night Shyamalan scares Mark Wahlberg

New York (ANI): Actors in film-maker M. Night Shyamalan's latest flick The Happening, have said that the director has turned them all into paranoid wrecks. Speaking at the premiere of the nail-biting flick, actor Mark Wahlberg said that working with the director, known for his dark thrillers, has made him afraid of everything.

"He's literally made me afraid of everything. I can't enjoy my life the way I used to," the New York Daily News quoted Wahlberg, as saying. However, the good-humoured Shyamalan insisted that he's not as intense as his actors make him out to be.

"It's a bad rap. I'm a good guy!" said Shyamalan. The Sixth Sense director said he specifically wrote the role for Wahlberg in his latest spooky thriller. However, Wahlberg disagreed by saying: "The only reason I got the role is because Will Smith wasn't available."
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