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Hollywood Celebrities Who Did Odd Jobs Before They Earned The Stardom!

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Ever imagined yourself doing odd jobs? While you were at college trying to pay off the fee; or just took a diversion from your career and decided to odd jobs to make your living? If you have, then don't worry. It isn't just we, the common people.

Hollywood as an industry has celebrities and artists from varied backgrounds;cultural, ethical, religious and many more. But maybe we know too little about their financial backgrounds. Recently, we told you about celebrities who were homeless.

Ever wondered what jobs our favorite celebrities did before they rose to the stardom? Well, some unexpected jobs, of course. It isn't easy for us to imagine the wealthy celebrities doing odd jobs in real life, it's fine when it's limited to on-screen.

But the truth is different. Most of the famous and well established celebrities of Hollywood once did odd jobs to just survive. Not everybody's way to the stardom was a cake walk. Neither did the good looks matter.

Hollywood celebrities have done all sorts of odd jobs one usually does while figuring other ways to lead life. This could be driving a taxi or helping someone at the bar with the court. Or something fancy like dancing in a costume for every dime.

Ellen Pompeo, famous for her role Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy worked at a bar as a waitress till she became an actress. She would flick cigarettes from the bar counter and sell them stuffed in her bra to make extra money.

If that sounds strange, the you ought to hear about Charlize Theron. The 'Mad Max Fury Road' actress sang on the streets of the Times Square to make money. The Amazing Spider Man 2 actor, Andrew Garfield worked as a barista in Starbucks.

These are just a handful of the Hollywood celebrities who have done odd jobs in real life. We have chosen a few more of the stars to surprise with the sort of jobs they had to do for living before they won the stardom:

Brad Pitt

When Brad Pitt ran short of credits to get a degree in Journalism, he dropped out of college. The actor later moved to LA and did jobs like delivering refrigerators and driving exotic girls in a Limousine.


Before Madonna got recognized as a pop star and earned fame, she worked as a show girl in France. And when she moved to New York Time's Square, she worked as a waitress at Dunkin' Donuts.

Jim Carey

The comedian Jim Carey always says, "Believe in what you want and the universe gives it to you". But the actor himself worked as a janitor in his father's factory until he made his mark in show biz.

Eva Mendes

The mother of Ryan Gosling's child and one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood didn't always do hot jobs. Eva Mendes worked in pizza huts and hot dog stands before she entered the world of acting.

Ashton Kutcher

The actor who has played the role Steve Jobs in his new movie 'Jobs', did odd jobs not just in the movie, but in real life, too. Ashton swept cereal dust off, at factories and sold his blood for his living expenses.

Sandra Bullock

The superstar who has acted in the movies like 'Gravity' and 'Two Weeks Notice' didn't have an easy way to stardom. She worked as a waitress and bartender in New York till she got a chance in movies.

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