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5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went From Homeless to Affluent!

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All of us at some point in time would have wanted to live our favorite celebrity's life for a day or two. Everything in their life seems so smooth and fancy! We ask ourselves, do they even know how it feels to live a mediocre life?

Well, surprisingly, not every celebrity has had a life full of roses and songs from the very start. There are a few among the richest of Hollywood stars who have evolved from a homeless destitute living in rat infected basements to millionaires.

Yes, you heard it right! Celebrities like Halle Berry who is now so well established was once homeless shelter during her struggle period. The actress had no financial support from her parents and everything she's earned today, is solely her hard work.

What do you think the famous rapper, Snoop Dog was doing before he got all the fame? He basically survived on selling drugs and living in a squalor. It wasn't until he met Dr. Dre's stepbrother in prison and recording his music, did see a lavish life.

Demi Moore, the 52 years old American actor doesn't have a memorable childhood either, let alone fairy tale memories from the past! Demi lived in trailer park was subject to abuse by her drunkard father as a child. She dropped school at 16 and came to Hollywood.

Jim Carrey, spent his childhood living in a van with his family that was parked at different places throughout Canada. He dropped school and struggled till he got a chance in Hollywood. It was during this time he developed the sense of humour.

We have taken you through the list of rich celebrities in Hollywood who are hardly 25, now get ready to read about the 5 famous celebrities in Hollywood who were once homeless:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo grew up in Hollywood surrounded by drugs and prostitution. Much fed up with the poor poverty stricken life, the actor found his way into Hollywood movies through acting gigs.

Justin Bieber

Today, Justin is the one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood. But, before he was recognized by the industry, he grew up in a rat-infested home with an empty fridge. He slept on a pull out couch and survived on macaroni and cheese.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey found her happiness in poisoning her dog and setting her parents' car on fire. She was brought up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Long Island. In the later years she moved to NYC.

J.K Rowling

Before creating the famous 'Harry Potter', Rowling was a single mother who lived in a one room apartment. She was struggling to survive. A train delay once made her think of Harry Potter!


Now, one of the richest men in the world, Jay-Z grew up facing a lot of hardship. Bread was an item of luxury to his family. He was used to violence and poverty since childhood!

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