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Why Are The Kardashians Obsessed With Black? Know Why!

Written by: Chaitra
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The entire realm by now would know how the Kardashians are obsesses with Black! Oh no, we aren't talking about their personal life and dating choices!

We are talking about their choice of color when it comes to their wardrobe collections. Ever observed how they choose Black over other bright colors? Is there a specific reason behind that? Let's analyze the subject.

Why Are The Kardashians Obsessed With Black? Know Why!

Be it the youngest of all or the eldest, men or women, children or adults, every body in the Kardashian clan seem to just love it when their attires are black in color.

For several reasons, one might want to pick a dress that's Black in color. For instance, black has always been synonymous with classy. Most of the celebrities would avoid risk by choosing a dress Black in color at most of the occasions.

As far as the Kardashians are concerned, the family likes ti look it's best at every given moment. So, considering this factor, it isn't a surprise that they are always spotted in Black.

Secondly, Black is believed to make one look slender than any other color. Considering the fact that nearly all of them are women in the reality TV family, they would want to look slender, too.

We all know the controversies the Kardashians have been involved in with regard to extraordinary photoshop on their pictures. It is definitely setting a very wrong examples to the youngsters.

Also, the color Black to some is believed to be lucky. Maybe, it has always been very lucky to the Kardashians? Even the little North is spotted clad in Black most of the times.

We feel, these are the possible reasons behind the Kardashians choice of color. What do you feel? Do you feel the Kardashians are more leaned towards this particular color? Let us know in the comments.

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