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Jobs Movie Review - Fails To Strike A Chord


You might think that a movie on Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder (along with Steve Wozniak) and chief executive officer (CEO) is the best way to pay respects to one of the most iconic figures in the tech industry. Well you are not wrong! But what should have been a true biopic of the legend ends up as a mere sketch of the man.

Writing a script for a film on Steve Jobs is no easy task as it has to be extremely well researched and detailed, chronicling the life of the wizard. However, what Jobs does is nothing more than giving you a slice of the life of a true genius. Director Joshua Stern succeeds in portraying Jobs as a visionary, but fails to make a good film, thanks to a half-baked script by Matt Whiteley! The gradual change in Jobs life from a carefree hippie to becoming a tech giant is beautifully showcased.

There are way too many discrepancies in the script of Jobs because of which you are left completely uninvolved. Several important aspects and happenings (well-known fights, important colleagues and business ventures) in Steve Job's life is not even mentioned in the film.

Jobs gives us glimpses into the rise and fall of a multi millionaire. The film begins with his garage days. The audience is introduced to his friends who later go on to play very important role in the film.

Ashton Kutcher has worked very hard to look and 'be' Steve Job and that shows! His mannerisms, his walks, talks....everything reminds you of the legend. One of the most striking scenes is the one when he strikes a deal with Mike. Josh Gad is brilliant and fits perfectly in the role of Wozniak. Durmot Mulroney is wasted. The other star cast do not have much to do in the film.

Cinematography, Editing, Music
Cinematography is brilliant as it beautifully captures different shades of the legend. Background music, especially in the first half is mind blowing. Jobs is a 2 hour long film that tries hard to chronicle the life of Steve Jobs, but in vain! Atleast 20 minutes of the story could have been edited.

Jobsis an average film that promises a lot, but offers nothing. Watch it only if you know nothing about Steve Jobs!

Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, Matthew Modine, J.K. Simmons

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