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The Martian Movie Review: Matt Damon Wins The Game In Ridley Scott's Space Film

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Where there is a will, there is a way...

The Martian starring Matt Damon is not just taking us to the Mars, but showing us how a determined human being who is left out in the red planet as a dead astronaut, tries to survive with a will in mind.

Matt Damon plays an astronaut, Mark Watney, a botanist and astronaut who is a part of Ares 3, the third crewed mission to Mars. He is unfortunately left on Mars after his teammates rather Commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) thinks he is dead, after a sudden storm attacks the crew and a debris falls on Mark.

The NASA crew leaves him there, heartbroken. In the first 10 minutes, we see Mark lying stranded alone on the red soil.

However, Mark Watney surprises his NASA's Mission Control by sending a video saying he is alive. However, he has to wait for Ares 4's return to Mars, and survive on the planet with food and water to hardly last for a week. Thus using science and technological ingenuity, Mark tries to grow vegetables on Mars and make water too!

"I'm going to science the sh*t out of this planet." That's what abandoned astronaut says when he finds it as the only way to avoid dying alone on Mars till his NASA crew comes back for him. We see calculations Watney uses to figure out how to make water, or map out how long it will take to trek across the Martian surface.

Based on the best-selling book by Andy Weir, it's a mainstream attempt to tell a story about the power of science and technological ingenuity. The movie shows two parts; one where Mark is trying to survive and second where the NASA 's director of Mars missions, Vincent Kapoor (Chiwetel Ejiofor), is trying to get him back despite the issues.

Vincent's role was first offered to Irrfan Khan who due to busy schedules and prior commitments could not star in the space themed film. Chiwetel was later confirmed for the role.

Shot mostly in Jordan, the red desert is transformed meticulously and beautifully into a Martian landscape. Scriptwriter Drew Goddard and director Ridley Scott used creatively mastered the plot which made the movie interesting and not dragged even for a minute. Matt Damon was no doubt in his character who with his determination and emotions makes the movie a worth watch.

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