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Apoorva (U)


2 hrs 18 mins

99  Audience Reviews

255 Ratings

Release Date

27 May 2016


Apoorva movie is a musical romantic entertainer written and directed by Ravichandran . In which, Ravichandran and Apoorva are playing the main lead roles ...
  • Raj 9 months ago

    Ravi Sir suffered another failure:)..His philosophical movies can not be accepted by Kannada fans. First with EKANGI and now with APOORVA. So I would request Ravi sir to do regular movies rather than making experiential movies. We cannot see you see your failure again and again.

  • Mrs. Renuka 9 months ago

    There is a particular style of Ravichandran when he tells love story, that is missing. Mainly no good songs, hamsalekha is missed very much. Ravichandran is actor producer director, he took wrong step to do music for his films, like he once said, a person should do what he is best at, music director should do music, film director should do film direction. sumne tale upyogsi yella naane maadtini andre heege aagodu.

  • Sreenivasa Prasad.K.V. 10 months ago

    I watched Kannada movie "Apoorva"produced directed & scripted by Ravichanran yesterday along with my wife at Orion mall paying hefty ticket amount of Rs 500/-.I realised that I made a mistake by selecting this picture.I thought Ravichandran movies would always be different & good.It became farce.He has cheated public by producing this themeless movie at a low budget.Paint bottles, unwanted love anecdotes and flying of colour papers were only themes.The whole film has been shot inside a lift & songs have also been shot here.Totally the film was a failure.Many audience left the Theatre in the middle itself.Those who sat through the film were murmuring that they got headache.The film has brought disfame to senior citizens because at the end the hero killed the poor girl who loved the old man under terrorist attack (only assumed) situation.

  • sanjeevskumar 10 months ago

    Sir please requesting stop writing Lyricis to any of your movies if you expect
    your fans to be happy.

  • Mahesh M 10 months ago

    Finally Ravichandran's movie is releasing. fans are very happy. all the best...:)))

  • Nadish Kumar a year ago

    I LOVE Ravi sir.. Nandish Kumar G.R Madikeri Kodagu

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