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30 May 1960 (Age 54)


V. Ravichandran (born: May 30, 1960(1960-05-30)) is an actor, director, producer, music director, and lyricist in the Kannada film industry. He is the son of film producer...
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  • mohankumar H.M 2 months ago

    ok sir

  • monty 4 months ago

    Ya you rite dude.

  • monty 4 months ago

    No One can beat Ravi Chandran. Ravi Chandran is an another name for sandal wood. Only one who take win and loose equally. Trying different things in different way. Please sir take care of your health not beacuse of you because of your so many crazy fans and crazy lovers.

  • Byaraprakash 4 months ago

    kannada chithra rangadalli sada kaala ranadheeraraagi baali, preethi andre neevu neevu andre preethi that is crazy star, nimma abhimani hrudaya bya ra prakash.

  • S.Kumar 9 months ago

    Ravichandran Sir Iam Dieheart Fan of you & Sincerly Follower of you from Premolaka. Sir I would like u to see a Ravichandran who is 10yrs before a Slim body and Handsome looking. As a fan Iam Comprimising u to see the roles which u are doing right now.As to my Knowledge your Sucess lacks there. So I kindly request to reduce your body weight finding Solutions As u himselfs give lot of Solutions for the Society. Sincerly requesting to Consider your Fan Request. Thanx

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