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Raate (U/A)

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20 Mar 2015


Raate is a romantic thriller movie written and directed by A P Arjun. In which, Dhananjay and Shruthi Hariharan are playing the main lead roles in this ...
  • Shreekara Bhat 3 months ago

    ‘’Life is like a carousel it keeps on turning, we never know when it starts and when does it ends, we are just the players in it, everything is controlled by him’’, some situations in life totally changes the path of our living, 2015's Kannada new release ‘’Raate’’ is based on the same concept. During the time where Kannada Cinema Industry is losing its importance because of some low grade - high actor’s remake cinemas, ‘’Raate’’ could be considered as one of the honest try that shows the beautiful work coming on the silver screen, this movie has all those elements generally viewers expect to have and it makes its viewers to get involved in it, the lead pair Dhananjay and Shruthi had given full justice to their respective roles, its Dananjay after his début movie ‘’Director’s Special’’ again proved to be the best potential performer, Bullet Prakash gains attention not only with his comedic role he also succeeds in delivering effective emotional expressions, antagonists are good, locations are the plus point of the movie, those part of the cinema which was captured in the woods were marvellous, camera work and editing are very precise and apart from the last music track others are bit disappointing, A P Arjun proves to be the best director again after his Super-hit ‘’Adhuri’’

  • gnan 3 months ago

    Mr. AP Arjun, Come out the of the old way of making story. Before telling think logically you can fool audience until they rectify your mistake. Entire move is lag... Dhananjay's acting is good, he can really try for an action movie. Not worth of watching the movie.....

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