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Super (Symbol)

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03 Dec 2010


Super (Symbol) movie is fully based on politics in which Subash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra) residing in London owning Gandhi and Gandhi Company the multi ...
  • ak47 4 years ago

    i love uppi,most moral man,plz uppi listen to rajivdixit.com and do movies to promote another dead/murdered veg guy rajivdixit and give life to india.u love india and indira.

  • kiran-uppi 4 years ago

    super is a good movie..actually i am waiting for ur next movie.boss i am big fan for u .......

  • shri 4 years ago

    Uppi v r eagerly waiting for ur next movie....u r really differnt compare to all directors ... good talented ...keep doing good movies .. v've more expectations on u. u only direct wit ur own script...don choose remake movies and don be like copy cat. PLZ write good script for RJNIKANTH and i want to see u with rajni on screen...

  • pavankumar 5 years ago

    super"super making super direction superstar.:-).:-).. Super super super :-).:-).:-):-).:-).totally super :-). Really upppi is real star and super director:-).:.hats off to uppi :-).:-).:-):-).:-).- uppi we love u:-):-).:..

  • kishan-kiccha 5 years ago

    super movie uppi

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