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Jatta - Movie Review

Written by: Sandesh MS

Actor Kishore, who was last seen as Veerappan in Veerappan Attahasa, is back as Jatta. The actor, who played the role of a smuggler in the previous movie, has donned khaki in Jatta, to protect the forest.

Kishore, who is called as 'Nana Patekar' of Kannada film industry, is known for his different style of acting. The movie deals with the story of Jatta (Kishore), who is a Range Officer by profession. He is very affectionate towards his loving wife Belli (Pavana). In the course, Belli feels uncomfortable with her husband's love and runs away with her ex-boyfriend.

Jata, who will be depressed with his wife's decision, meets a soothsayer (B Suresha), who tells him that giving lot of freedom to his wife has resulted in his unhappiness. He teases him by saying, "You are brave enough to control wild animal, but you could not control your wife." Jatta, who takes these words seriously, develops hatred towards women.

Accidentally, Jatta meets Sukrutha Vaagle, who will be driving with the influence of alcohol. He takes a task of teaching her a lesson about Indian tradition, and will take her to his place. She is stubborn and criticises Jatta for each and everything.

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