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Belli : Movie Review

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A simple guy from the village comes to Bangalore, the city of dreams for the youth, with an aspiration of earning a respectable livelihood. But certain circumstances make him take up the weapons that will eventually take him down the dark path from where there is no return. By the time he realizes his mistake, he is way too far on this path and it eventually destroys his life. Wait, I am not talking about Jogi here, but about Shivaraj Kumar's latest movie Belli.

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Belli : Movie Review

Belli is the latest offering from the actor who now is usually associated with "Long" or the Machete. Ever since the cult hit Om hit the theatre, underworld became a favorite story of the people in Kannada film industry. Belli follows the same tried and tested method of a rowdyism themed movie.

Belli : Movie Review

Shivaraj Kumar plays the role of a village guy Basavaraj alias Belli. Belli and his four friends come to city to earn a living. Soon all of them get involved with the wrong people. Belli also falls in love with a girl named Sneha (Kriti Kharbanda). But things don't go well for him and in addition to a broken heart, he also loses his mental stability.

Belli : Movie Review

The narrator of the movie is a writer who is in quest to write the forgotten story of Belli. The script lacks the originality. Shivanna is known for making original movies. But you will not be able to shrug off the feeling deja vu when you watch the movie. The mentally unstable look of Shivanna seems to have been copied from Huchcha.

Belli : Movie Review

However, director Mussange Mahesh has managed to make this movie an entertainer for all the Shivanna Fans. With enjoyable songs and great background music, this will keep the audience in the seat for the whole time. The screenplay is crisp and fast paced. In spite of the lack of originality, the script has its moments of glory.

Belli : Movie Review

Shivaraj Kumar is back, doing what he does the best. His attempt to try a new role in Aryan was a complete disaster. It is certain that the superstar is trapped in a image that he built for himself. Kriti Kharbanda does a decent job of the role given to her.

Belli is old wine in a new bottle. Script is a mixture of Om, Jogi and Huchcha. Unless you are a Shivanna fan, you might want to skip this movie.

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