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Bavuttiyude Namathil

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21 Dec 2012


Bavuttiyude Namathil movie potraying the life of people in Malabar area, Mammootty handle the role of a car driver, who enjoys life without tension....
  • sijoy 2 years ago

    Not a kind of product from Capitol Theaters. Except for the Malabar slang...nothing extra ordinary about the movie...the casting was poor...except for a different getup for Vineeth things were usual

  • abbas 3 years ago


  • shaji 3 years ago

    kura padam .chumma oru kathayumillatha oru film chumma valichuneeti vachirikkunuuu.mamooty allarunnuu act chayathathegil arum mind polum chayyillarunnuu e film.ende comment agree chayyunnille .

  • vish 3 years ago

    A decent and good movie to watch

  • nikhil-kumbazha 3 years ago

    poda pulle avante lalettan. nalla cinemaye aaradhikkan padikku nadaneyalla.

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