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Mar 2002
Desam movie tells the story of two brothers Jayakrishnan (Prem Kumar) and Vijayakrishnan (Madhupal) who quarrel over trivial matters like football matches, activities of local clubs etc. Vijayakrishnan works in the town and so, once he takes Jayakrishnan with him lest he should create certain problems at home. Earlier Vijayakrishnan had saved and given shelter to a girl Ammu. But that leads to problems. When the villainous Uppa comes in search of Ammu, things take a new turn and Vijayakrishnan is killed. Jayakrishnan's love for his brother makes him take on matters from where his brother left off.
  • Speaker Meira Kumar looses her cool
  • Blame game over liqour deaths
  • Kadhal Desam Yuva Rani song from om Shakthi
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  • Clash of the Titans Premiere Show
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