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Devadoothan movie tells the story of Vishal Krishnamoorthy (Mohanlal) who is a musician who has attained international fame on account of his symphony 'Rhythm ...
  • midhun-shankar 2 years ago

    I knw the movie is great. The movie flopped. Everyone knows that. The reason is, releasing time. I think the movie makers thought more advanced. If it is released on present with necessory modifications, sure it will be a blockbester. Because, the movie is loved by many of people after years of movie release.

  • x 4 years ago

    allel ne ekanille?? manushane manushanayi kanan ne eyokke ini ennano padikunne

  • vicky 4 years ago

    How can i forget to mention about the beautiful and ear pleasing music of this film .BE it the playback singing or the background score, It is perfectly in sync with the screenplay and only enhances the overall beauty of the film. The rendition is absolutely poetic and philosophical.The music stays with u and the background score when the birds fly which is even used in the begining kind of intrigues you.The film was poetry in motion.

  • vicky 4 years ago

    May be the film released at a wrong time.The majority of the fans of 'MOHANLAL' wanted to see him in 'NARSIMHAM' type of roles which was the biggest blockbuster that year. But what a performance by 'LAL' ettan and 'JAYA PRADA'.

  • vicky 4 years ago

    it is one of the best love stories I have watched but the beauty is that, it still falls in the mystery genre'.A simple story told in a very intriguing and an unusual way.Superlative performances by the lead characters.The viewer throughout feels, he is the part of that quest that demystifies the unknown entity.

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