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Hello (U)

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06 Jul 2007

Hello Story

Hello movie is about Shivaraman (Mohanlal) who is a lazy advocate, popularly called as Shiva. Even though an advocate by profession, he spends more time to booze than to be in court. And at those times, he is a known troublemaker of the city.

One of the best friends of Shivaraman is Chandy Kunju (Jagathy Sreekumar) who is a Sivaraman's benefactor. He is a little handicapped but he is more a law breaker and a regular client of Sivaraaman.

Parvathy (Parvathi Melton) who  is the daughter of a private moneylender (Janardhan) who develops an interest in the troublesome ways of the advocate.  Sivaraman had taken to drinking because of a great tragedy in his life, after which he presumes that it is better to be a drunk than be normal.

On a sunny day, he receives a phone call, which is all set to change his life once again.
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