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Kili Poyi Movie Review - Critics Verdict


Kili Poyi, directed by Vinay Govind doesn't seem to be getting great reviews from all those who have watched the film. However, the film starring Asif Ali, Aju Varghese and Sampath Raj among others is being touted as a youth entertainer. See what all film critics have to say about Kili Poyi....

Oneindia - 2 stars
Kili Poyi, directed by Vinay Govind is a fun film that seems to be a lot inspired from Imran Khan starrer Delhi Belly. However, the film seems to have somewhere fallen short of the finish line. Watch Kili Poyi for the fun element, funny dialogues, good performance and an interesting climax.

Sify - 2 stars
Evidently inspired from the Harold & Kumar series, Delhi Belly and several other films already made in a variety of languages, Kili Poyi ends up not even interesting as the 1991 Malayalam comedy Mimics Parade that narrated an almost similar theme. With nothing much happening on the story front, the focus is to keep the viewers hooked with some mad actions and dialogues.

Lensmen reviews - 2 and half stars
Firstly, it is not everyone's dish and in its own class of popcorn hangout fun Kili Poyi from Vinay Govind is a fun film. The plot itself is filled with filmographies of many Bollywood films that managed to hit the bull's eye with their fresh and bold takes. The basic thread is squeezed out from Delhi Belly and a few incidents have similarities with Farhan Akthar's Dil Chahtha Hai.

Neelakuyil.com - 3 stars
In a nothing new to offer script, debutant director Vinay Govind has made a decent. Scripted by Joseph Kurian, Vivek Ranjith, and the director Vinay Govind, Kili Poyi shown the typical bachelor life that Malayalies are living in cities like Bangalore. The one hour and forty minutes time pass movie for youngsters is what Kili Poyi talks about.

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Kili Poyi
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