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Inidhu Inidhu

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20 Aug 2010


INIDHU INIDHU is a remake of telugu blockbuster "HAPPY DAYS".8 young talented new faces are set to act in this film. The cast includes Narayan ...
  • prathiba 3 years ago

    i just luv this movie to the cooooooore and tyson's acting was superb....i just love it actualy tyson and shravs are the best pair ever ijust luv them and i know mathu was so cute and she was my seniorin GSMHSS

  • dharshu 4 years ago

    i juz loved diz movie very muc...i watched diz movie for mor den 5 times...it is a wonderful movie ,..i juz loved all de characters in diz movie such as madhu n sidhu,tyson,appu,vimal....did a gr8 job..hope to take mor movies f them...^_^

  • vijay 4 years ago

    first of all i wud like to thank prakash raj for producing such an awesome movie... i just loved d movie to d core n hav almost watched it more than 8 times... every person in d movie has done a great job... thank u once again for producing dis movie.

  • shekramya 4 years ago

    I like the movie inithu inithu all actors good perfamens my favarote actor is dyson,sidhu,madhu i already watch the movie 12 times....madhu is beautifull...all actors is great job..congratulations to the whole team of INITHU INITHU. bye. SHEKRAMYA

  • harini 5 years ago

    i have ever seen a movie like this and loved madhu tyson and vimal character

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