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Inimey Nangathan

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14 Sep 2007
Inimay Nangadhan is the first animated non-mythological movie. Story is about four Kathakalakshepam artistes - Vichu, Varadhu, Vaithi and Govind are friends. They want to become rich and famous. They come across an old lady, who advises them to meet a Swamiji who, she tells them, would help them to become rich overnight. The Swamiji agrees to help them but on one condition -- they should retrieve a holy necklace from Rakshasas who live in a cave. The four friends set out to the cave where they meet a colorful character from the sea, a gold palace, and of course, the Rakshasas too.

Lured by wealth, the four friends estrange. What happens then forms the crux.
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