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Ivan Vera Mathiri (U)

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13 Dec 2013


Ivan Vera Mathiri (English: He is different) is an upcoming Indian Tamil romantic thriller film directed by M. Saravanan and produced by Linguswamy under ...
  • Priya 2 years ago

    @sijish, u hv a pathetic taste! U don't know to appreciate the directors work at all.....the bgm made d movie luk much more interesting!! Thuu..

  • sakthi 2 years ago

    @Sijish Madhavan:disqus ..Dai komali ethuku mayla epidi da padam eduga soltra,ena taste unaku,public command panum pothu oru sense veandama kiruga,,,,

  • Rajesh 2 years ago

    The movie comes so good. It's complete entertainer movie.

  • REVIEWS@AK 2 years ago

    A another movie from Saravanan's Engeyum Eppothum. The script is based on social impact. the script was good, but simple and smart. The storey is simple and entertaining. The screenplay was good. the 1 st half was good, the love scenes are really good, but other than in some paces it was boring,but watchable. the 2nd half was thrilling,super racy. the casting was good, ...and vikram prabu acting was awesome.he suits the role. the villain acting was good,but need improvisation of role. direction was so good,he can be a successful director soon.... cinematography was super. stunt in this film was good.but not so natural, but most of the stunts was risky. acting of heroine was good, and character was superb. (VERDICT):a movie which have commercial element with a good direction and screenplay.----------------------------------- Storey-5.2/10 screenplay-6.8/10 direction-8.5/10 music/bgm-7/10 cinematography-8/10 acting-7.8/10 production-7/10 stunt-6/10 ----------------------------------- OVERALL RATING- 7.1/10

  • Sijish Madhavan 2 years ago

    Ivan Vera Mathiri PINJA SERUPPE madhiri I entered the movie hall with a lot of expectation why!! M Saravanan (Director of Engeyum Eppodhum), Vikram Prabhu’s second movie, most importantly UTV Production (who has always done well down south producing good movies). Did Saravanan meet the expectation? A big question before the audience and as one among them my opinion is that he has miserably failed. Sorry Saravanan its true. What really went wrong might be the question you have now. Let me tell you. Story, Screenplay, Music, Logics, etc… Tamil Cinema is running out of fuel (Good Story), I believe all the young directors have lost their brains. There is no quality Cinema that has released recently including the Ajith Starrer “Arambum” You might think now what more is left..!! Yes you have something as a relief. The Female lead. She is pretty and has done her best. Chemistry b/w the leads has worked out well. Music has nothing much to do, thanks to Saravanan as he has pictured the songs well. The Background score is pathetic. Action is good for few well pictured shorts. This is new for Vikram Prabhu, but he has managed well. Now let take about the story.. There is a Law minister and his brother negative leads and does all the wrong stuffs (The law college incident at HC Chennai to highlight their black background). Public are disturbed by the incident hence this Hero gets provoked by the same reason. So, he kidnaps the Law minister’s brother and locks him up for 6 days is a abandoned building so that the law minister goes out of power as this brother was on parole and under this ministers responsibility. Minister fails to produce his brother, hero succeeds. Then what!!!!!! a victory song man. Now villain’s revenge time.. Saravanan (Director) gives sufficient (but stupid) clues to trace down hero. He kidnaps the heroine. Ganesh Venkatraman the honest police and Hero runs left and right finding her and will they succeed in finding her, is the balance of this great romantic thriller. Still excited to watch it.. If so then good luck. Don’t miss the Climax closing dialogue by Ganesh Venkatraman. Saravanan hope you didn’t watch the final copy before release or may be you think the audience are fools.

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