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Kaththi (U)

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22 Oct 2014


Kaththi (English: The Knife) is a Tamil action thriller film scripted and directed by AR Murugadoss. The film stars  Vijay  in a dual role ...
  • smithsasi 5 months ago

    good act in thalapathy.superrrrrrrrrrr..... annaaaaaaaaa.....

  • Avarchin 8 months ago

    Nice movie..........supr.......vj anna!!! The next supr star

  • Karthik 8 months ago

    Film has many flaws. 1st of all, how come a cola company wait until Vijay find's water underground and kills the land owners/farmers the same night? they could have send in even 100 engineers to find water and done the same killings before itself. Dual roles for Vijay but not even a single difference in appearence. In fight scenes doesn't any goonda have a mobile phone light?. TV & Print media shown in such bad light. Funny or tragic that elders tell Vijay that they will also commit suicide like 6 people did before. Finally it's a MONNA KATHTHI.

  • Prof.A.Prabaharan 9 months ago

    Most crucial theme of saving agricultural lands from the corporate sharks is staged artificially by Vijay. For most of the part, Vijay's acting is artificial. Otherwise a well thought out movie. Media hunger for crime and silly bytes rather than socially relevant news is well captured. One should watch to understand the seriousness behind the non seriousness of India's political and bureaucratic classes towards agriculture.

  • vijayarajan 9 months ago

    nice movie nice deepavali

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