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Paradesi (U)

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15 Mar 2013


Paradesi movie was inspired from Malayalam novel 'Eriyum Thanal'. The movie deals with the trials and tribulations that a couple working in a tea estate ...
  • santhosh 2 years ago

    such a very good film and the song avatha paiya is awsome i feel y the song going finish very nice gv...

  • robert 2 years ago

    Having just viewed the film - 'Paradesi' I felt that the first half is rather drawn out, but does provide a good grounding for the development of the characters and their 'natural', 'free' life style The sense of dramaic expectation begins to develop at the ending of this first half, when the villages make their long treck to their new employment. The growing horror of the situation which they find themselves in is well developed. Perhaps more could have been done with the 'Raj' types than the very steriotypical portrayal of them (very poorly acted as well)The very dramatic ending summed up the predicament that the 'Raj' put many of its subjects into. Overall a very gripping and effective story line and result. It would be interesting to know how the tea plantations, and other Empire industries in India, changed after Independence - if at all- under Indian regulation.

  • bennu 2 years ago

    The impact Paradesi has created is toooooooooo much to expresS.......one of the thing is i had EVEN given away the habit of drinking TEA............if someone asks me what is film making,i would suggest them to see this movie...nd from now Hollywood film makers will start saying that they have to direct a film like Paradesi.....hats of BALA...what's next?????

  • jothi 3 years ago

    ya movie is good but background music not enough .

  • tss 3 years ago

    good movie splendid performance by team gv music is good and bg score is very very good

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