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12 Aug 2011


Rowthiram  is to be directed by Gokul, a former assistant to Telugu director Suryakiran, in his directorial debut and Music by Prakash Nikki. The film is ...
  • senthil-kumar 4 years ago

    Making of the movie is excellent especially fight scene the camera technique and lighting is something new from other movies i wont the director and cinematographer to make good movies like this in the future.

  • anto-sujesh 4 years ago

    superb movie

  • indian 4 years ago

    I sincerely appreciate Jeeva's acting and he has the capabilities to grow well. The message in this movie is that public do not come forward to question attrocities of rowdies who dare to beat up and kill people in public. The recent incident in Coimbatore where a group of people who killed a guy in full public view sitting on their bikes, cars and vans. Shame on all of us. Collectively get down and stop such barbaric action. Police need to give people the confidence by enforcing law and order.

  • narayanan 4 years ago

    Idhellam overu aama.,., Ippadi usupethi usupethiye udamba ranagalam aakidunga,m,m

  • sudha 4 years ago

    nice movie..jiiva acting is awesome...great to see jiiva in this movie...directors should use jiiva well....jiiva has really a bright future..he can be a next ilaya thalapathy or thala,or who knows he can become a super star also...jiiva rocks

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