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25 May 2012


Urumi movie is going to be a period film, which is happening in 15th century. This movie revolves around the 15th century boy who wants to kill Vasco Da Gama. ...
  • lokesh 3 years ago

    Again, prabu deva sir has proved his fantastic aggressive acting with romance and his own beautiful style. in this movie, his acting is nature and costumes selection also very well. i love deva....

  • praveen 3 years ago

    Amal is a bastard. Old fools is ur foot.

  • yeshwant 3 years ago

    I watched this movie yesterday... Simply superb for its cinematography, the wonderful Tamil dialogs and the history revealed..

  • amal-ramesh 4 years ago

    deyy prithvi soyvathu tha selva selvathu mattum tha soiva in pokkiri raja young superstar prithvi beat megastar mammoty if there is fights between mammooty and lal they will equal this means prithvi great than any other old fools in mollywood

  • die-hard-prithviraj-anna-fan 4 years ago

    prince prithvi can only creates wonders like classmates ,choclate.puthiya mugham,urumi,nandanam and indian rupee

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