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Andy Left Bigg Boss 7 House In Handcuffs; Sangram, Tanisha Inconsolable

Bigg Boss 7's most entertaining and most loved inmate, Andy, got eliminated in handcuffs. Inmates including Gauhar Khan, Tanisha Mukherjee, Ajaz Khan and VJ Andy were handcuffed and given keys to unlock themselves, except the key given to Andy would not do the job. Everyone else escape into the house and Andy gets evicted from Bigg Boss house forever.

The day started off with the fun they usually have, Bigg Boss gave Ajaz a chance to enjoy captaincy since he has never been one during his stay. Ajaz got to be the King inside the house for a day and the inmates have to do everything he says. And what fun Ajaz Khan had. He made everyone work for him, do what ever he wanted and also made everyone do a Sholay skit.

When they thought the day was ending without any activity, they were asked to enter the activity room, where Sanrgam was asked to handcuff everyone. Bigg Boss announced that everyone handcuffed need to release themselves with the key in the box they would enter. After they free themselves they will have to run to Sangram to receive their price inside the house.

Gauhar, Ajaz and Tanisha release themselves to run to Sangram. They receive their finalist cards. Soon after which they realise Andy has not returned. They then realise that it was an elimination process and Andy was evicted from Bigg Boss house.

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