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Bigg Boss 7's Bigg Box Task Is Back To Haunt Andy, Sangram And NOT Kamya!

Bigg Boss 7's most controversial task this season, 'The Bigg Box' task, is back. This time it's only Andy, Sangram and Kamya inside the box. And since Kamya is the "friend" to both parties in the house, she is spared leaving Andy and Sangram who fend for themselves against Gauhar, Kushal and Ajaz's madness.

Like last time certain people are targeted and some left alone inside the box. This time it's "Target Andy". Ajaz Khan goes overboard with the air sprays on Andy and only after a warning from Bigg Boss does he stop spraying air-fresheners into Andy's box.

Sangram, on the other hand, falls pray for Gauhar and Kushal's wrath. Initially, when the task started Gauhar tries to spray shaving foam into his box and in an attempt to try and stop her or trying to pull the spray from her hand Sangram hurt Gauhar's hand. This made her and Kushal together target Sangram. They went overboard with the sprays and foams and also the garbage in the house.

Kamya, however, was left unaffected by anybody. Since she is of course the "good" person who always talks on the face and not behind their backs (which she makes sure is said in every conversation she makes).

But the interesting facts found during this task was that Armaan and Tanisha chose not to participate in it throughout the task mostly because all three of them are friends with them.

Also, Andy spoke about his intentions that he is in the task to make Sangram win. Well, if at all he had decided to make Sangram win, he could have skipped all the air-spray inhalations which seem to have affected his health, since he is seen loosing consciousness after he comes out of the box.

Let's wait and watch, among Sangram and Kamya, who would manage to stay inside the box the longest and wins the ticket to finale week.

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