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Bigg Boss 7: Kushal, Kamya, Pratyusha, Gauhar Escape; Andy Gets Eliminated!

Bigg Boss 7 saw all the inmates who plotted and planned nominations taken under task. Everyone who were involved in the planning of this weeks nominations were asked to nominate one contestant who was most involved and he/she will be evicted immediately. As usual everyone escaped, somehow making Andy the scape goat. Read how this happened.

Monday morning saw all inmates planning to eliminate 'Daal' and 'Chicken'. Daal being Tanisha Mukherjee and Chicken being Armaan Kohli. While this was happening, Pratyusha, Apurva and Elli expressed their desire to 'drink tea' which means they want to nominate themselves. The people involved in this whole discussion being Kamya, Andy, Pratyusha, Apurva, Gauhar and Kushal. Elli and Sangram tried to stay neutral, but as usual when cornered, they nod their head for anything that's told to them. Chicken and Daal were relaxing in the lawn.

When it was time for the actual nominations, Bigg Boss dropped a bomb on every one saying they will have to nominate one who was most involved in this rule-breaking, since no inmate can discuss nominations in the house at any circumstance. Bigg Boss says five people who were involved in this will be directly nominated, and Kushal will name these five. Also, one contestant who was most involved will have to pack his/her bags.

People who wanted to 'drink tea' all of a sudden wanted to stay back in the game. Elli, Pratyusha and Apurva, what ever their reasons may be, backed out and Andy ended up getting the highest votes. Andy is now asked by Bigg Boss to pack his bags and wait until he is asked to leave the house.

Continue reading in the slider to know how Andy retaliated and bashed up the people who voted against him...

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