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Bigg Boss 7: New Dog Guest 'Heaven' Shuts Out All The Fights, Brings In Love

Bigg Boss 7, the place where politics rule and fights prevail, there is a scene of utter silence and serenity in the house. The reason being, there is someone in the house who have brought in un-restrained love and compassion into the house. The someone being the golden retriever named Heaven.

As we all know there is utter chaos in the house in the recent times with the shift in the captaincy. With Apoorva made the captain of the house, he has taken up the task to put an end to all the fights over the household work by dividing all the responsibility equally amongst the house mates.

This brought in issues with Armaan and Apoorva. Armaan, who initially was cross with Apoorva being picked to be the captain, became a lot more unhappy when Apoorva started delegating work to him. As usual he ran to Tanisha to talk about this.

Talking about Armaan and Tanisha, there is a lot that is going on between the duo that is getting a lot of head-shakes off late, inside and outside the Bigg Boss house. From the time Tanisha and Armaan grew fond of each other, the inmates have been expressing their concern regarding this to both of them. They felt that there has been a lot of change in their behaviour, especially Armaan.

Pratyusha, in fact, had a one on one talk with him recently when she tells him that she does not like the fact that he has been staying away from her and Kamya, and she feels the reason is Tanisha. She also feels that Tanisha is manipulating him and owing to that he has changed as a person. Armaan tells her that there have been lot of instances where Kamya and she have ignored him and made fun of him in front of other members of the house. Pratyusha asks him to give it a second thought.

After their conversation, Armaan tells Tanisha that Pratyusha and Kamya are of an opinion that he is being influenced by her and that is the reason why he is going away from them. To this Tanisha says that she is being portrayed in a bad light and Armaan says that he doesn't care as long as they are together.

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