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Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha Snaps For The First Time; Andy Makes Her Loose Cool

Bigg Boss 7 Latest: Tanisha Mukherjee, the "angel" in Bigg Boss house, snaps for the first time at a contestant. The honour happens to go to the happy VJ in the house, Andy.

Tanisha, the captain of the house, is responsible to see to it that every inmate is contributing equally in the day to day activities of the house. Tanisha and Andy get into an argument over some mundane change in the routine work that Andy does everyday in the house.

Though Tanisha tries to make Andy understand that one has to adjust to some changes in individual routine, Andy would not be in a position to give ears. He persists on being treated unfair when he does a lot of work.

Tanisha maintains her cool until the end and would be seen snapping only in the end when Andy does raise his voice at her. She insists that there is no need for him to raise his voice when she is not.

Tanisha was in the limelight even when Rajat Rawail was on the crying spree. She insisted that help be provided to her fellow-mate. She even removed her mike until Bigg Boss sent a doctor into the house to check on Rajat.

Looks like Tanisha is getting the heat of the show which until now seemed bearable. Tanisha has been seen being at neutral in dealing any issue in the house. It seems like Tanisha too has a voice...

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