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Abhi Tries To Save Kumkum Bhagya, Gets Arrested!

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th October written episode: Bulbul asks Pragya how she would manage Sarala’s queries about her married life. Pragya says that she is tired of lying and feels bad, as she has never lied to her mom before. She thinks of revealing the truth of her marriage.

The Corporator orders the bulldozer to demolish Kumkum Bhagya, in the presence of police force. The Aurora women create a human chain and say that the bulldozer has to run over them before it touches the wall of Kumkum Bhagya. Tanu and Aaliya come and enjoy the scene.

 Abhi Tries To Save Kumkum Bhagya, Gets Arrested!

The corporator is least moved by this resistance from the Auroras. He sticks to his mission, but Abhi interrupts him soon. Abhi gives him the stay order of the hall, that prevents him from breaking it. He is stunned as he thought that Abhi was supporting him.

The corporator becomes violent and starts provoking Abhi, when the latter tells him to leave quickly. He says aloud that the Aurora women are into prostitution. He starts from Bulbul and insults Purvi and Pragya. He ends his dirty words with Pragya’s mother and grandmother.

Abhi loses his cool when the wicked man attacks Pragya’s Dadi with his scandalous words. He beats him up mercilessly, but he keeps repeating his words. Abhi is almost about to kill the man while Pragya stops him. A policeman tries to hit Abhi and he hits him back.

Abhi is arrested by the police inspector in the charge of attacking a government official and a police personnel. Pragya helplessly runs after the police car. Tanu and Aaliya are highly disappointed.

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