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Beintehaa: Aaliya Gets Shelter In Rehan’s House (6th August)

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Beintehaa 6th August written episode: Zain insults Aaliya and her parents. He sticks to his decision of divorce. Aaliya tells him that she can stay in the house for three months after he has uttered Talaq. Her words show no effect on him. He says that he is ready to tolerate her for three months, to completely get rid of her. Aaliya understands that Zain has wiped her out of his mind.

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Aaliya changes her mind and says that there is no point of continuing the relationship for three months, when it is already broken. She insists on packing her things. Zain tells her to take everything back, as the house should not have any trace of her!

Beintehaa: Aaliya Gets Shelter In Rehan’s House

Aaliya packs her things and comes out of the house. She tells her parents that things have happened exactly as they wanted; now she is completely safe from the Barkat villa!

Rehan tries to tell Zain that he is doing wrong. Zain stubbornly tells him to arrange the divorce. On the other hand Aaliya tells Rehan that there is no point of arguing with Zain, as he has made his mind.

Aaliya declares that she does not want to go with her parents, rather she wants to stay alone for some days. She starts walking with her trunk and keeps thinking about the recent incidents.

After going a few steps, Aaliya faints. When she opens her eyes, she discovers herself at Rehan’s place, being surrounded by his children.

Suraiya declares that there will be a Quran Khani in the honour of Usman. Zain calls Rehan and invites him with his father. He also tells him to bring the papers of divorce, as he does not want any delay!

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