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Jodha Akbar: 24th April; Jalal-Jodha's Romance At Sword Fight!

Jodha Akbar 24th April written episode: Jodha instructs the attendants to apply ointment on the wounds of Akbar. He becomes determined to get her attention. He denies taking the treatment. Jodha becomes obliged to apply the ointment. At night Akbar discovers Jodha, standing very close to him. He becomes confused. Soon he understands that she has come to remove a snake that came on his chest.

In the morning Akbar sees Jodha’s sword practice. He thinks of meeting her in the sword fight. Jodha declares that she will not treat Akbar as an injured person if he fights against her. Akbar still insists on having a fight and Jidha truly gives him a tough fight.

King Bharmal becomes worried for Akbar and he wants to stop Jodha. Maynawati prevents him from doing so. She insists on keeping faith on Jodha, that she will never harm her husband. Bharmal becomes surprised to see Jodha’s ruthless attack on Akbar. Jodha’s mother explains that this can happen in love, where a person with a broken heart can become violent. She suggests that Jodha’s pain must be drained out through the fight.

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Akbar distracts Jodha by saying that her parents are watching her and thus he defeats her. Jodha becomes more angry and says that he is a cheater. She leaves the place with Shahnaz.

Maha Manga keeps visiting the secret house inside the jungle. Hamida and Salima come to the darga to pray for Jodha. Hamida tells Salima to go back to the palace as she wants to stay at the holy place for a long time. Hamida sees Maha Manga hurriedly going somewhere in a doubtful manner. She decides to follow her.

Jodha Akbar

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