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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragga Becomes Crazy After Having Alcohol (13th August)

Kumkum Bhagya 13th August written episode: Tanu complains to Abhi that Pragga has insulted her, calling her ‘the other woman'. She tells him to teach Pragga a lesson. Abhi searches for Pragga. Tanu leaves, saying that she has a show in the next day. She regrets that she has lied to Abhi for Pragga.

Abhi finds Pragga inside a car, making gestures of driving, under the effect of alcohol. She says that she is having fun in it and wants to beat the car in front of her. Abhi comes into the car and sits beside her.

He asks her whether she knows driving. She suddenly starts the car. Abhi becomes scared and tells her to pull the brake. She presses the accelerator instead. The car clashes against a wall and stops.

Abhi becomes worried for Pragga, who lies unconscious. She opens her eyes soon and wishes for a long drive. He takes the driving seat and asks her where she wishes to go. She says that she has never gone to disco and wishes to be there.

Abhi covers her eyes and befools her, taking her inside the house. He goes to the bedroom with her and turns on red and blue lights and suitable music, like a disco. When her eyes are open, she says that the disc is similar to his bedroom.

Abhi says that he has designed his bedroom, being inspired by the disc. She tells him to change the music. She dances with him with a lot of exuberance.

Bulbul feels depressed with the memory of Purab. She thinks that she will not be able to bear his marriage with another woman. Her mother sees her spending sleepless night. She cannot share the reason of her pain.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragga Becomes Crazy After Having Alcohol

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