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Rangrasiya: 14th May; Rudra Behaves Like A Sweet Husband

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Rangrasiya 14th May written episode: Maithili gives Parvati’s medicine to Rudra. He apologizes for misbehaving with her. Maithili says that she understands his concern for Paro. Rudra also says sorry to Laila for not believing in her words. He says that he has been informed about the presence of Tejawat’s men.

Rudra gives medicine to Paro’s eyes. He sings a song to make her smile and forget her pain. She tells him that she is not hungry and also reminds to have the alu sabji she has prepared for him. He goes to the dinner table alone. Soon he changes his decision and takes food to their room. Dilsher becomes happy to see that Rudra is being a caring husband.


Paro rejects the food to show her anger. Rudra becomes silent and watches her. She thinks that he has left the room and keeps talking. She admits that she is hungry, but denies going to Rudra and solve the matter. Rudra comes to her and gives her food. She asks about the alu sabji. Rudra gives the sabji to her. She finds that it is burnt.

Mohini taunts Laila saying that she is good for nothing. Laila threatens that she will expose Mohini’s plan of bringing her to the house. Laila takes a plate of food and heads towards the room of Rudra. Maithili stops her with the reason that Rudra has taken sufficient food inside and they should not be disturbed.

Mohini sends Maithili to the kitchen and tells Laila to do her job. Laila comes to Rudra’s room. Laila tells Paro that she has deliberately burnt the dish as Rudra prefers the burnt taste. She knows Rudra better than Paro, claims Laila!

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