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Rangrasiya: 18th June; Paro Kisses Rudra For The First Time, Is Waiting For Mangalsutra! (Pics)

Rangrasiya 18th June written episode: Rudra stops Mala from recollecting the past, saying that he is least interested to know it. He has only searched for her for Paro's sake, declares Rudra. Mala says that she will wait for the day when Rudra would like to hear her.

When Mala is taken back to the house, Mohini bursts again. Mala apologizes to her and asks for a single chance to prove that she is repentant. She reminds her mother's words that it is a good luck for a woman if she has an old relative with her in her husband's house.

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Mohini declares that she will not leave the house to give respect to her parents. But she wants a separation. She does not agree to stay with Mala, Dilsher and their children. Paro promises Dilsher and Danveer that she will solve the problems soon.

Mala feels bad to stay in the room of Rudra and Paro, but Paro compels her in doing so. She tells her to smile always. Paro thanks Rudra for taking Mala back and kisses on his cheek for the first time!

But she finds Rudra upset as usual. He says that it is tough for him to bear his mother. Paro reminds him that there was a time when he could not tolerate her also. Rudra explains that it was his misunderstanding. But there is no doubt about Mala's mistake.

Maithili is worried as Rudra and Paro love each other , but keep fighting always. She asks Paro about the mangalsutra. Paro says that Rudra has not given it to her and she is waiting for it. Rudra overhears their conversation.

Check out the pictures of Rudra-Paro's candid moments in the episode...

rangrasiya 18th june 2014 collage

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