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Rangrasiya: 21st May; Rudra Determined To Banish Laila (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 21st May written episode: Paro asks Rudra whether the King has the guts to take his heart back from the nymph. Rudra argues that the perception of the queen is wrong. She is not keeping faith on the King and she is allowing the nymph to harm their relationship. Mohini stops their argument. She takes Paro to the kitchen.

Aman comes to give some papers to Rudra. Maithili watches Suneheri looking at Aman. She invites Aman for dinner. Laila goes to kitchen to take extra dal for Rudra. Maithili stops her and tells Paro to give the dal to Rudra.

Laila tries to put down Paro saying that she does not know Rudra's choices and habits of eating. Paro has given him a full bowl of dal, when he has a habit of eating only half bowl. Mohini supports her. Rudra eats the whole of it and leaves the table.

Rudra goes to drop the puppet artist. He asks the artist why he changed his story on stage. The artist tells him that someone from his family bribed him to tell the story. He gives Laila's description. Laila takes Paro for a walk after the dinner. She starts talking about the puppet story and embarrasses Paro.

Rudra comes back and sees them talking with each other. Rudra takes Paro to their bedroom. He tells her that Laila cannot be allowed to spoil their lives any more. She is an evil character and should be kept out of the house, says Rudra. He becomes determined to expel Laila the next morning. Mohini overhears Rudra's discussion. She informs Laila.

A few glimpses from the episode...

Paro Questions Rudra

Paro asks Rudra if he has the guts to take his heart back from Laila.

Rudra Establishes Trust

Rudra says that he never loved Laila and that Paro must alter her perspective.

Mohini Influences Paro

Mohini tells Paro that she must first learn who is in Rudra's heart before aiming to get him.

Rudra Praises Paro's Dal

Rudra savours delicious dal made by Paro and appreciates the taste.

Laila Puts Paro Down

Laila says that Paro shouldn't have filled the bowl of dal fully as he always eats only half a bowl.

Rudra Proves Laila Wrong

Rudra makes Paro happy by drinking the dal completely.

Wicked Laila Wins Paro's Trust

Laila behaves jovially with Paro and earns her trust.

Laila Appeals To Paro's Emotions

Laila brings up topics of commonness like loss of a loved one, love for tamarind and so on.

Laila's Wickedness Revealed To Rudra

The puppet artist reveals that he narrated the story of Rudra-Laila-Paro on Laila's bribing him.

Rudra Decides To Banish Laila

Rudra firmly tells Paro that he has made his decision.

Mohini Informs Laila

Laila gets to know of Rudra's intentions.

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