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Rangrasiya: Angry Rudra Stops Dhruv From Meeting Myra! (4th August-Photos)

Rangrasiya 4th August written episode: Rudra shares his experience with Maithili. He narrates how helpless he felt when he saw Myra. For a while a false hope came to his mind that Paro is back. But soon he realized that the girl only looks like Paro! He left the job, as he cannot provide security to the girl, who will keep reminding him of Paro.

Dhruv hears this conversation. Rudra tells him later that the girl only looks like his mother, but she is a different person. Dhruv tells Koyel that the girl is actually his mother, though his father refuses to believe it. He says that he will meet the girl again. He tells Koyel to keep it as a secret.

Myra finds Rudra's wallet in the hotel lobby. She decides to give it back to him. She studies his address from the card in the wallet.

When Dhruv is not back home after school, everyone becomes worried. Shatabdi suggests that the police should be informed. When Rudra is about to leave the house, Koyel reveals that Dhruv has gone to meet his mom.

Koyel tells Rudra that Dhruv overheard his discussion with Maithili and he planned to meet the lady. Rudra quickly leaves with his bike and goes toward Myra's hotel.

Dhruv comes to Myra's car, when he is drenched in rain and his body is full of mud. The driver scolds him thinking he is a beggar. Myra behaves sweetly and gives him chocolate.

Dhruv refuses to take the chocolate. He wants to show Paro's photo to Myra. Rudra comes there. He insults Myra saying that she cannot value human emotions.

Myra angrily gives back Rudra's purse. She is confused seeing that the child is so emotional about her and his father is behaving so strangely!

Rangrasiya: Rudra Stops Dhruv From Meeting Myra

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