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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Kisses Ishita, Finally!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October written episode: Raman keeps thinking about kissing Ishita. He calls Ruhi and says that he has accepted a challenge from his friend that he will kiss all the ladies in his house. He kisses Ruhi, Ananya and Simmi and tells Ruhi to bring Ishita. Finally he kisses on Ishita’s cheek. Both of them blush.

Raman goes through his diary where he has taken notes about being a good husband. He finds the next step which tells him to help his wife. He tries to find out how he can help Ishita. He sees wet clothes inside the washroom. He thinks those are kept for washing. He puts all clothes inside the washing machine and sets it in wash mode.

Jodha Akbar: Raman Kisses Ishita, Finally!

Ishita screams madly when she finds the mess, that all clothes are damaged by each other’s colours and the washing machine has stopped functioning due to overload. Raman tells her that he tried to wash the clothes. Ishita tells him that the clothes were already washed and kept for drying. She scolds him vehemently.

Ishita calls Mani and tells him about the mess. Mani promises to solve her problem. He sends a mechanic for washing machine and a laundry staff. Ishita praises Mani for this prompt help.

Raman remembers the third condition of being a good husband, that is to befriend wife’s friends. He sends a ‘thank u’ message to Abhimanyu. He also keeps a bottle of foreign liquor for him. Ishita feels excited about it, but Madhavi comes to clean the house for Navratri and dumps all liquors. Raman becomes angry.

Mihir takes a big loan for Shagun’s marriage. Mihika helps him, but feels bad thinking that there will be no marriage at all.

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