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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 11th July; Shagun With Raman, Ishita With Family In Court (Photos)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July written episode: At night when Raman comes back home, Ishita tells Ruhi to look after him. Ruhi serves hot food to Raman and takes care of him. Her maturity surprises him. She asks Raman whether he has done anything wrong, as she has noticed that others are upset with him. Raman fumbles.

Mihika slams Pathak for supporting Raman. She reminds him that it was Madhavi who took care of his girl friend Trisha like her own daughter. Pathak says that he is working as a professional and he would not allow any interference.

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Ashok gets ready to go to the court with Shagun. She stops him saying that she feels ashamed to take him with her, as they are not legally married. She thinks it’s better to get sympathy as Raman’s ex-wife! She tells him to stop the old Sardarji, from giving statement in the court, that he was a false buyer of Ashok’s car.

Toshi accompanies the Iyer family in the court. When she sees Raman and Shagun together, she encourages Ishita. She tells her that it is time to become strong. She reminds Ishita that last time she came to the court to fight for Ruhi, and she became a winner.

When Mrs Kawl comes to the court, Toshi becomes excited. She hurls abuses at her ex-bahu. She tells Mrs kawl that she is the woman who was about to kill her relative and she should be given stringent punishment. Mrs Kawl pacifies her.

Ruhi Takes Care Of Raman

Ruhi heats food for Raman when he would be about to eat food from fridge.

Ruhi Feeds Him

Ruhi makes sure Raman eats his food only after which she leaves him to go to Ishita.

Ishita Appreciates Her

Ishita would have asked Ruhi to make sure Raman eats.

Ruhi Sleeps With Raman

Ruhi sleeps with Raman too while Ishita sleeps in her bed.

Ishita Disturbed

Ishita would be disturbed and won't be able to sleep.

Toshi Blesses

While Toshi would be blessing Ishita for the court case, Raman too would take her blessings.

Ishita's Car Trouble

Ishita's car would have a flat tyre. When Raman offers to drive them to court but they would refuse.

Give In

When they would not be able to get a taxi they would have no choice but to go with Raman.

Shagun Panicky

Shagun would be panicky when in court. Raman tries to calm her.

Ishita Disturbed

Ishita would watch Raman and Ishita in court together and she would get disturbed.

Toshi Yells At Shagun

Toshi yells at Shagun in court.

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