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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 12th June; Ishita And Raman Get Another Clue (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June written episode: Param keeps saying that Ishita should take blessing from him. Ishita thinks that she should never touch the feet of a person who has once molested her. Romi saves Ishita. He argues that Raman is a senior and so is his wife, so she can never touch Param’s feet. Romi completes the ritual himself.

The Bhalla family warns Simmi about Param. Mr and Mrs Bhalla tell her that they have tolerated his misdeeds for the sake of the function. But they hated his act of involving Shagun. They warn Simmi that she should understand the true nature of her husband and cut all connections with him.

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Shravan tells his parents that he wants to attend the summer camp organized by his school. Bala tells him that currently they cannot afford it. The child understands. Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi is not interested in the summer camp. Raman tells her to ask Bandita whether Shravan is participating.

Doctor comes to check up Madhavi. He asks her about the car. Madhavi remembers a blue coloured showpiece in front of the car. Ishita’s client brings her neighbor to meet Ishita. The lady informs that she noted the car number plate. She gives the last three digit of the number, as she remembers.

Ishita mentions all the details to Raman, who informs the police. Romi says that the car which has caused the accident must have gone for repair. He mentions a famous garage owner, who can give information. Raman pays no attention to this and tells him to join his office.

But Romi’s words strike Ishita. Perhaps she will visit the garage soon and get closer to the truth!

Parmit's Issue

When Parmit would have asked Ishita to take his blessing by touching his feet, she would be in a dilemma.

Romi Saves The Day

Romi would ask take Parmit's blessing and get Ishita out of the scene by sending her away.

Madhvai Gives Another Clue

Madhavi would give yet another clue about her accident.

The Car Number

Ishita would also get the car number.

Ishita Waits For Raman

Ishita would wait for Raman to be back to have dinner with him.

Raman Angry

When Raman hears that Parmit was there at the ceremony, he would get very angry. But Ishita would change the topic by saying she would not give much importance to him.

The Clue

Ishita informs Raman about both the clues she would have found.


Raman would declare that who ever it is will be caught and will not be spared by him.

Romi To Work

Raman would inform Romi that he will be starting to work at his office.

The Garage

When Romi mentions a garage where the car that caused the accident might have gone, Ishita would decide to check it out.

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