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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 17th June; Ishita And Raman Figure Out Param Behind Accident! (Pics)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June written episode: After Raman completes the puja, Mihika thinks of playing another prank. She whispers to Bibhu and then carries a plate of Prasad to Raman. Bibhu tells Raman that he has to keep Ishita on his lap and give Prasad to her , as per rituals. Raman does the same.

It moves Ishita that Raman is tolerating so much for the sake of his son. She feels bad for making such fun of him. But when she apologizes, he says that he did it not for Adi, but for her! Bala has already told him that Ishita herself has convinced him to teach Adi.

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Simmi meets Param secretly. Param tells her that he is staying with Ashok to know his plans against Raman. He convinces her that he wants to do good for Raman and for that he needs some information.

Param tells Simmi to steal a file from Raman’s cabinet, so that he can see the information and save Raman from a fatal danger. Simmi blindly believes Param and steals the file from Raman’s room. When Toshi asks her, she says that she is doing a favour to Raman.

Raman visits the phone company and comes to know that the sim card was taken in his name three months ago. He sees that his signature has been finely forged in the documents.

Raman comes back home and tells Ishita that only Simmi can forge his signature as she forever has the tendency of forging his handwriting. Ishita stops Raman from telling anything to Simmi.

Ishita becomes sure that Param has taken the number in Raman’s name for some criminal intention. She also believes that her mother’s accident was done by Param. But she cannot understand wherefrom he managed the same car as Raman’s.

Raman remembers that Ashok gifted the same car to Adi on his birth day!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 17th June; Ishita And Raman Figure Out Param Behind Accident!

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