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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 22nd April; Raman And Shagun United Against Ishita!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April written episode: Ishita wants Raman to take her for shopping, as she has to purchase a dress for Ruhi. When Raman says that he is busy, Parmit quickly takes the opportunity of accompanying Ishita. Raman thanks him. He offers him a post in his office.

Simmi wants to go with Ishita and Parmit, but he prevents her giving the excuse of baby’s vaccination. During the shopping, Parmit repeats his lustful behaviour towards Ishita. She feels utterly irritated and her tough gaze prevents him from going too far.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita comes to the school for Ruhi’s interview and calls Raman. He says that he has some unavoidable engagement and requests Ishita to manage the interview alone. Ishita tells Ruhi that Raman has sent his best wishes for her interview.

Adi prepares milk shake for Shagun, who is watching the marriage CD of Raman and Ishita with a jealous expression. Adi fumes seeing the video. Shagun lies to Adi that she asked for another CD from Raman, but he has intentionally given the CD to her to hurt them. Adi sees Shravan in the CD and identifies him as he is in the same school. He comes to know that the boy is Ishita’s nephew.

Adi takes on Shravan and provokes him into quarreling. Shravan becomes defiant and utters a slang. Adi complains to the principal. Bandita is called in the school. Ishita and Bandita together meet the principal.

Raman and Shagun come to meet the principal as Adi’s guardian. They claim Shravan’s expulsion from the school. Ishita and Bandita opine that children can often pick up wrong words from their surroundings, but they should be taught what is right, instead of being expelled from school.

The principal defends Shravan, saying that he is usually a well-behaved boy. Raman and Shagun behave like a united couple. They claim that they still share bonding though Adi and Ruhi. Raman insults Ishita and Bandita.

Bala finds out the names of the students who offered him bribe. He finds Romi’s name in the list and calls Bandita. She explains the situation in Shravan’s school. He thinks that he should handle the matter alone.

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